Release Blitz – The Weight Of Life By Whitney Barbetti



“Don’t let go.” Those were my first words to him, as I hung over the side of a London bridge. The words I would soon say again, in a moment that didn’t involve bridges, but something much more fragile: my heart.
He held onto me for three weeks, in a time when I needed to be held. Needed to connect to someone who understood how loss tunneled unrepentantly through the fabric of your soul.
Although he said he’d stay, we both knew he wouldn’t. I had already survived one loss—I didn’t know if I’d survive another. 
She spun into my life like a tornado of smiles and chatter and everything else I’d long avoided, with a persistence that I admired, albeit begrudgingly. She broke down each neat wall I’d constructed without even trying. Her presence alone caused me to remember what it felt like to smile, to look forward to what the day would bring.
But it was only supposed to last three weeks.
“Don’t let go,” she’d pleaded.
I’d promised her I wouldn’t—but I would. I didn’t have a choice.

My Review –



4.75 Never Gonna Let Go Stars!!


*I volunteered to review a Copy of this book from Indie Girl Promotions / the Author*

Thank you so very much Indie Girl Promotions & Ms.Barbetti!! I am extremely honored and grateful!! 🙂

Having read Ms.Barbetti’s work many times before I couldn’t wait to devour this one as soon as it landed on my kindle. I loved it!! From that shocking beginning to the very end I didn’t want to let go of this story. It was gripping in every way. I was so stinking happy to see some familiar faces as well!! This realistic tale truly made me think and inspired me. It showed that we can all go through things that can shatter us but that in learning to live again can be our greatest journey’s yet.

Yes, I did cry and let my tears flow freely down my face. It’s one of those books that take root in your heart and you don’t mind what the highs nor lows do to it because it made you feel. Boy did this story make me reel everything under the sun. Ms.Barbetti always delivers a punch with her words and characters. She’s done it once again!! I’ll never forget The Weight of Life. I can’t wait to read what she comes up with next!! 🙂

To be in both of the main characters minds really helped me connect with them more. Their pain poured off of the pages, so much so that I had to take a breather at certain parts. Mila and Ames story was far from an easy one. They both had endured their own separate hells. Their unconventional meeting changes them in ways neither one expects. Will their pasts take hold of their present? Or can they take a chance on each other? One thing is for certain – Life always brings the unexpected.

If you haven’t already One-Clicked, What are you waiting for?!?! Get it Today!! You do NOT want to miss out on this one!! Haven’t read Ms.Barbetti’s work before? Change that right this second with this novel!! I hope you love it and that it grabs you like it did me my fellow book lovers!! 4.75 Stars all around!! 🙂

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