Release Week Book Tour – Cloudy Mirrors By Shane Robert



Shane Robert’s debut novel, CLOUDY MIRRORS, is available for purchase!

One-click this Standalone Romantic Suspense today!


Addiction—I can’t beat it without you; I can’t beat it with you.
When I’m with you, I’m addicted.
The way you taste, feel, and burn will forever be my favorite.
The way you messed my life up is exactly what I asked for.
I had the perfect life but was starving for something more.
Then I met you.
A perfect disaster I couldn’t get enough of no matter what the cost.


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Cloudy Mirrors Teaser 1

My Review –

4 Take Me To Loveland Stars!!

*I volunteered to review a Copy of this book from HEA Book Tours, PR & More*

Thank you so very much HEA Book Tours, PR & More!! I am extremely honored and grateful!! 🙂

After reading that unique blurb I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Mr.Roberts Debut Novel!! I really liked it!! It took me by surprise in the best way!! I’m so thrilled that it was told in Dual POV’s as I got to experience the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful things that add up to make this thing called life!! It sure kept me guessing. I didn’t have any clue how it would all end for the main characters.

Cloudy Mirrors is about Megan and Michael. Total opposites who have a chance meeting at a party. She’s got a heart of gold and he’s a wild soul. He’s nothing but fire to her world – a ruin. Will it be worth it in the end for her to risk the chance of getting burned?

Mr.Roberts touches on subjects that you don’t see quite often in books. I really enjoyed that fact and it brought about new information I wasn’t aware of as well. I loved that the two main characters weren’t the same and they’d both fought their very own battles. I was on the edge of my seat until the end. I am so looking forward to reading what he comes up with next!!

If you haven’t already One-Clicked, What are you waiting for?!?! Get It Today!! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a different kind of read that’ll definitely keep you on your toes!! I hope you like it as much as I did my fellow book lovers!! 4 Stars all around!! 🙂
Cloudy Mirrors teaser 2

Arriving to Scottie’s early in the morning around 8:00, I settle on the couch, while he brings over about 14 bricks of cocaine, setting them on the coffee table in front of us.

“Remember those two guys that wanted a bunch of cocaine at the ski resort? Well, this is how much they wanted and I’m giving you half of the cut because you brought them in,” he tells me.

“Fucking right on man, that is uplifting for sure, I had a rough night talking to Megan last night,” I say to him. I realize I’m upset at the whole thing with Megan, but yet I’m still around cocaine. I need to figure out what I want, just not sure if I really want to settle down and work at a relationship. That never was my intention this young, but she is a great girl and I enjoy seeing her and her kids.

“She gets upset with you about the cocaine using and selling?” Scottie asks.

“Yeah, she caught me doing it in the bathroom at her place and she was pissed at me and kicked me out. We talked things out last night. She really wants me to just get my head out of my ass I guess. We are just not going to see each other this week until your party.” I can only hope she’ll even want to see me.

“Yeah, she really doesn’t like games so I can see her point, just need to figure it out, man. I really need you helping me in the business but if she doesn’t like you in it, you better figure things out. Also, I’m going to need you to deliver this stuff to their house on your own, I have other places to drop some coke off to,” Scottie said to me.

“Fuck, all right. I can do that; they seemed like pretty chill guys, so hopefully no issues with getting the money from them.”

“You know the drill, carry your gun just to be safe. I am out of here though,” tossing a duffle bag Scottie says, “Pack everything in this bag, get the money first then leave the bag and everything with them.”

“Got it bro, is it cool if I help myself to some of the extra cocaine you have laying out on the table?” I ask

“Yeah man, go for it as much as you want; be like Scarface if you want!” he tells me.

Scottie walking out the door, I finish packing up the duffel bag with the abundant amount of cocaine. I can’t believe these guys want this much cocaine for a party, but hey, as long as we get money I don’t care what they do with it.

Lining up the extra powder Scottie left laying out on the mirror, I quickly take in four lines. Two to each nostril, getting that buzz I need for the day. Shortly after, I start getting the twitches, and the urge of restlessness. Grabbing the duffel bag, I head out the door to go make my delivery.

Shane Robert spent his whole life a Michigan native until he entered the United States Air Force after high school graduation. Traveling from San Antonio, Texas to Biloxi, Mississippi, he eventually found a new home as an Air Traffic Controller in Salt Lake City where his tower overlooks the mountains of Utah.
He spends the summer playing soccer and the winters skiing while studying Counter Terrorism at American Military University. You can often find him in the tattoo shop adding to his collection, or writing on his sofa with his feet up and the XBOX on in the background. If there’s one thing he’s good at doing, it’s living in the moment.





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