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Today we’re having the blog tour for Plus One by M.N. Forgy writing as Missy Blake. I am so excited to bring you this sexy contemporary romance! Check it out and be sure to get your copy today!


Title: Plus One

Author: M.N. Forgy writing as Missy Blake

Genre: Romantic Comedy


About Plus One:

No feelings.

No lies of calling the next day, and no empty promises of not banging anyone’s mother.

If I could act like I’ve never met a set of twins I screwed on the same night, thinking they were the same person, then I could do this.

It was the perfect set up for a fake relationship and it was simple.

We faked our smiles, we faked our laughs; hell, we even faked our love. It wasn’t real.

But that kiss was anything but fake, and the orgasm was anything but pretend.


Somehow my plus one had become more, and now I’m standing here with my underwear around my ankles wondering what in the hell to do next.


plus one teaser 2

My Review –

4.5 You Drive Me Bananas Stars!!


*I volunteered to review a Copy of this book from InkSlinger PR*


Thank you so very much InkSlinger PR!! I am extremely honored and grateful!! 🙂



Having read Ms.Blake’s AKA Ms.Forgy’s work before I couldn’t wait to pick this one up!! I really enjoyed it!! I am a big fan of any type of romance but especially RomCom’s and this one was right up my alley. I couldn’t help but crack up throughout reading. It was so hilarious! I liked the fact that i was hooked from the prologue to the very end. By the time I finished reading the cheeks on my face were hotter than the Tennessee heat from all those sexy moments! Rae and Max’s story was entertaining in every way and I wasn’t sure how things would turn out for them.



Ms.Forgy never fails to put a smile on my face with her novels! She creates characters that have gone through hell in various ways but shows how they dust off the dirt from being kicked to the ground by life is what matters. I loved that she wrote Dual POVs so I could get to the bottom of what was going on with both of the main characters. This story has a little bit of something for everyone which thrilled me. I am looking forward to reading what she comes up with next as Missy Blake and M.N. Forgy!! 🙂



Plus One is about Rae and Max who meet under the most unlikely of circumstances. Time passes before their paths cross once more and this time they both need a favor. To try to get their parents to stop bugging them about their love life’s they come up with a plan with a set of rules of course. As feelings arise the rules become harder to follow. Will they end up pulling off their fake relationship? Will hearts come out unscathed? Or will things left unsaid destroy it all?



Gosh, I adored these two!! Their banter was priceless! I liked how they weren’t afraid of speaking their minds. Their families drove me nuts! At times I wanted to smack a few of them. Quinn and Rae’s friendship warmed my heart!! They were a riot and how they had each other’s backs was so cool!




If you haven’t already One-Clicked, What are you waiting for?!?! Buy it Today!! Trust me , you do NOT want to miss this one!! Be prepared to laugh your butt off and be shocked! I’ll never look at bananas without thinking of Max. The same goes for Pineapples and now they’ll always have a special meaning to them because of this story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did my fellow book lovers!! 4.5 Stars all around!! 🙂


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About Missy Blake:

Bestselling author M.N. Forgy known for her suspense gritty romances has decided to take a walk on a different side of things writing under pen name Missy

Missy Blake is the perfect outlet to express her sassy, funny, romantic side of M.N. Forgy.

So with a glass of wine in her hand, she trudges forward to deliver the perfect book boyfriend in a variety of worlds.

Connect with Missy:





M.N. Forgy’s page:

Missy Blake Page:

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