Release Blitz – Lovesick By T.L. Smith







Title: Lovesick
Author: TL Smith
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 1
I couldn’t do broken.
Broken is what he was.
Broken is what I will always be.
To his eyes, that held so much despair, I couldn’t look for long.
To his fist, that clenched so tightly, like he was locking away the sorrow.
To his lips, that never uttered a word, from the years of heartbreak.
And despite it all, I couldn’t stay away from him.
It was like he was drowning in an ocean, and I wanted to grab his face, and whisper to his lips,
“Don’t forget to breathe.”
This was how I fell for a man. A man who was so lovesick, I was afraid he would drown me in that same ocean he was lost in.

My Review – 


4.5 Don’t Forget To Breathe Stars!! 

*I volunteered to review a Copy of this book from The Hype PR*

Thank you so very much The Hype PR!! I am extremely honored and grateful!! 🙂

This was my first time reading Ms.Smith’s work and I really enjoyed this emotional tale!! I am still thinking about this story many days later, I can’t get over it. It shattered my heart to smithereens, made me bawl, and gave me hope. I’d have to say it wrecked me in a way no other book has before. It was so very realistic and I could relate to many things the characters went through especially the more painful ones. Keegan’s story wasn’t an easy one but her journey is one that is worth reading. It’ll make you look at your own life and appreciate it so much more.

Ms.Smith created such an incredible novel! She shocked me so much at one point that I had to set my Kindle down for a moment and just like it says in the book “Remember To Breathe.” I could feel every ounce of pain the characters went through, it just poured off of the pages. I’ll never forget this story nor these characters because they left a mark on my heart forever. I can’t wait to read what she comes up with next!! I’m looking forward to picking up the rest of her work too!! 🙂

If you haven’t already One-Clicked, What are you waiting for?!?! Buy It Today!! You won’t regret picking up this book!! Be prepared to grab some tissues before you start it, Trust me the tears can’t be held back. Every book lover needs to read this story, period. I hope you love it and it touches your heart like it did mine. 4.5 Stars all around!! 🙂


About the Author
T.L Smith Lover of chocolate, books, but mostly words.
T.L Smith loves to travel, loves to shop for books, sometimes shoes 😉
Don’t be shy about contacting T.L Smith, she doesn’t bite, hard!
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