Release Blitz – Drawn To You By Lily Summers

Title: Drawn to You

Author: Lily Summers

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 12, 2016



After an earth-shattering tragedy, I left everything behind. School, family, friends — what does any of it matter now?No one knows my story. No one knows what happened. I’m barely holding on.

Then Ezra finds me. A tagger with a raw talent, he fills the city with his art, splashing color across Portland’s grey skies. A ghostly woman in the depths of the ocean, a boy preyed upon by shadows — everything he creates touches my soul. Authentic and raw, his work grounds me. Magnetic and brave, he heals me.

Ezra is everything I need; he’s everything I don’t deserve.

But Ezra won’t let me fade away.

Drawn To You is a heart-wrenching debut about love, art, and a passion that brings color to the darkness. It’s about the lengths we go to remember and the love we can never forget.

My Review –

5 Heartbreakingly Beautiful Stars!!

Thank you so very much Give Me Books Promotions for sending me a copy of Drawn To You!! I’m so very honored and grateful!! πŸ™‚

To say that this was an amazing debut would be an understatement. Ms.Summers wrote a story that touched every single part of my heart. I don’t think I’ve ever had a book make me feel as if its healed some of the more broken pieces of myself. If I had to pick one word to describe Drawn To You it would have to be Beautiful, because it most certainly is. This isn’t a story that’s happiness and smiles but rather contains a true rawness that will leave you with a new found respect for life. I hate to admit that I really don’t know much about art but I’ve always believed that there are multiple ways of creating it whether it be through books or songs. After reading this I truly want to go look at paintings and feel the emotions bleeding of the canvases just like the heroine did. Ms.Summers Β is an author to watch and I can honestly say that she is a definite One-Click for me from here on out.


There are so many quotes that I highlighted throughout but my favorite was the following – “Anger is easier than love.”

Mia Kavanaugh was a character that was a bookstore clerk at Pages & Stages Bookshop and an Artist in her free time. Moving to Portland was her escape from the regrets and memories that haunted her daily. My heart broke for her a lot throughout and I wanted to hug her terribly. Her humor was unique and i couldn’t help but wish I had her quick wit. How she saw the world and her poetic way of describing things to people was very remarkable. Her feelings were justifiable and understandable. I adored her friendship with her roommate Audrey and her incredibly hilarious banter with Sampson. Ezra in my opinion was very good for Mia and they were so alike with both of their colorful and tortured souls. In the end I hoped shed find a way to be able to breathe without a war raging on in her mind and to open up enough to let love as well as friendship in.



I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a read that will make you feel every emotion under the sun. It’s so deep and profound in such a way that I myself wish I would have wrote something that hits the soul just like this one does. I believe many people will find this story relatable and sympathize with the heroine in more way than one. It wasn’t easy for me to read at times because some of the subjects within it hit close to home but not painfully so. I will read this story for lots of years to come and will never ever forget it!! Also, whenever I think of Autumn and Summer I’ll think of this story. Thank you Ms.Summers for sharing your book with the world. If you haven’t already One-Clicked this story Buy it Today! You won’t regret it!! 5 Stars all around!! πŸ™‚


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Author Bio

Lily Summers is a lover of avocados, man-buns, and all things angst. She made her book-nerd debut by winning her local bookstore’s Harry Potter costume contest and has been lost in the shelves ever since. When she’s not writing, she can be found pretending like she knows how to run, befriending strangers’ dogs, or enjoying a cold beer in the sunshine. Lily lives in Los Angeles but is considering moving to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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