Release Day Blitz – Homeward Bound (Journeyman Book #1) By Golden Czermak



Title: Homeward Bound
Series: Journeyman #1
Author: Golden Czermak
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 6, 2016

The entire world is on the brink of finding out that nightmares are real.An army of demons known as the Noctis is growing in strength. They control all manner of foul beasts and if not stopped soon, cities will burn, lives will end, and hope will be lost.

The only thing standing in the way are the Journeymen; humans and supernatural beings united against the darkness.

There is one known amongst men and the supernatural alike that you don’t f**k with; unless it’s on his terms.

His name is Gage Crosse and he’s the best damn Journeyman around.

These are his adventures.

Author Note: The book is not a standalone; the series is written with one overarching plot; each book is like an episode of a TV miniseries. Seal of Solomon, Journeyman #2, expected October 2016.

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 My Review :

Thank you so very much Give Me Books Promotions for sending me a copy of Homeward Bound!! I’m very honored and grateful!!

4.5 Suspenseful and Supernatural Stars!!


Mr.Czermak really created one incredible debut novel!! I haven’t picked up a unique Paranormal Romance like this one in a very long time and it was much more than just that it was absolutely thrilling! During some parts throughout the duration of the story i had no clue what was going to happen next and it made my reading experience that more enjoyable!


I didn’t expect all of the sinister supernatural creatures and which was at times terrifying to say the least but refreshing nonetheless. In my opinion i really thought that having more than one point of view made the story more entertaining and i felt like i got a better sense of all the characters that way. I absolutely cannot wait for the next Journeyman book!!



Gage Crosse is definitely a man that oozes confidence and is totally ruthless when need be. At first he was a bit arrogant but as i delve deeper into the story i found out he had a bigger heart than i realized. His chemistry with Adrienne was off the charts sexy and i adored the playful friendship/relationship they had. It made me happy that he had a team that consisted of Joey Mosley and Adrienne Elkins instead of him doing things alone. His friendship with Joey cracked me up!! His life in this installment was certainly a roller-coaster ride and i can’t wait to see what’s in store next in Seal of Solomon!

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a read that contains a unique type of a paranormal world that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end!! It’s very suspenseful with an added darkness to it that will be sure to make readers happy! I sure hope you enjoy Homeward Bound and fall in love with all of the characters just as i did! If you haven’t already One-Clicked this book you are so missing out! 4.5 Stars all around!! 🙂


Author Bio

Golden Czermak began as an internationally published modeling/fitness photographer and eventually began working as a book cover model as well.

Having been in the industry for at least four years, he has interfaced and networked with countless authors and other clients. As part of his work as a photographer, he worked with them to create book cover images – now numbering well over 250.

Learning the ins and out of the book world, along with being an avid reader and storyteller himself, Golden finally decided to write and publish his first book, Homeward Bound, in 2016.

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