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As a boy, he was like an older brother to her.

As a teenager, he became her secret crush.

As a man, he’s her target and she’s determined to get him out of her system once and for all.

Jake Wilde doesn’t live a tame existence. He never has. He never will.

His career as a smokejumper in Alaska? Dangerous.

His female conquests? Copious.

His stance on commitment? Never happening.

But when the girl from his past shows up at his door as a woman, Jake Wilde is about to learn a valuable lesson. Never, ever play with fire . . . unless you’re looking to get burned.



Thank you so very much Ardent Prose PR for sending me a copy of Wilde Fire! I am very grateful and honored!!:)



This book was everything that i wanted it to be since the moment i laid my eyes on the cover and so much more!! It was sexy yes but it was so tremendously heartfelt and filled with moments of anguish towards oneself about that past that made this book not only enjoyable to read it was exhilarating as well! Ms.Austen created a story that was much more than just sex between two people but a story of how a persons love that they have for someone else just doesn’t diminish over time it can grow and become something more beautiful entirely even if that person hasn’t realized how deep those feelings go.

It was short but not once did i feel like that took anything away from the story nor rushed things. The build up to the bigger moments are well worth the wait and they are written so frustratingly yet sweetly all at the same time. I will be sure to keep an out for more of Ms.Austen’s work in the near future!!

One of my favorite quotes is – “She healed old scars and was a buffer to the new ones forming.”❤

Bree Chase was a character that was living her life and working as an investigative journalist when the opportunity arises for her to pursue something she’s always wanted to she doesn’t turn away. She was quite hilarious and at times foul mouthed but those two things only served to make her more of a likable heroine. There was always that one person missing from her life and no matter who she picked to fill that void they never came close to the one she had always pined for which was something she was determined to change once and for all. I liked that even if things didn’t go her way per say she wouldn’t give up no matter what and that in my opinion only made her more awesome than she already was. Bree got straight to the point whenever she spoke and told it like it was.

Jake Wilde was a character that always lived life adventurously and by him being a Smoke-jumper any day could never be classified as “dull”. He was sweet when he wanted to be and caring in ways that made me swoon with every turn of the page. I absolutely loved that he got his own point of view and that i got to read exactly what he was thinking or feeling. His past was something that haunted him in every waking moment and the thoughts of those who he felt he let down seared his brain for years. He was content with everything he was doing in Alaska but at the same time there was something missing without him even realizing it. Jake cared about others more than he cared about himself and he always wanted to do right by another person even if that meant sacrificing his own happiness.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a story that not only is hot and rather lovely but one that’s about how two people finding their own long ways to the road that leads to a love that is more than consuming it’s life-changing. This book will be sure to warm your heart, keep you smiling, frustrate you, and make you blush throughout. It’s not too fast paced and it doesn’t drag. I promise if this sounds like your kind of story Buy it Today! You won’t regret it unless you don’t press that One-click button right now! It’s worth every penny! 5 Stars all around!!:)

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“How many guys am I meeting?” I asked after he parked the Jeep outside of the smokejumper base. There were a handful of other trucks and Jeeps staggered around, but it was hard to tell just how many people were inside.

           “You’re not meeting any guys.” He threw open his door and crawled out.

           “Um, I’m an investigative reporter. My job is to investigate.” I closed the door behind me and came around the front of the Jeep where he was waiting. He was so tall. I didn’t remember him being this massive.

That could have been because the context in which I considered his size was different now. The little girl had seen a big brother who could stand up to a bully. The woman saw a man who could hold her in his arms while he screwed her.

           “You can ask me all of the questions you need to. I’ll give you the tour and everything later on. When they’re all gone or asleep.” He leaned into his Jeep and crossed his arms.

           “A good reporter has multiple sources.”

           “No. All you need is one good source.”

           I sighed and clamped my teeth down on my pen again. His forehead creased again, like before. Was he worried about my pen? The integrity of my teeth?

           “No, I’d need a really, really great source, so until that happens, I’ll keep to the multiple source way of doing things.”

           His smile crept into place. “You have no clue how really, really great my source is.”

           Was he making a lewd joke? An innuendo? With me? God knew I’d heard him and Matt go back and forth like a couple of one-track-minded cavemen, but he’d never been so forward with me.

           I liked it. I really liked it.

           Two could play at this game though.

           “Just how great is your source?” I lifted an eyebrow, my gaze dipping to his belt region.

           He shoved off of his Jeep and moved closer. “Astoundingly great.”

           I chewed the inside of my cheek to keep from smiling. “Does your ‘source’ get the job done?”

           He smiled down at the ground and kept moving closer. I hoped he wouldn’t stop until he crashed into me and pinned me up against the wall behind me. “I’ve never heard any complaints.”


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Kat Austen is the secret pen name of a New York Times and USATODAY bestselling author. Kat writes short and steamy reads that leave hearts (and other parts) satisfied.


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