An Unforgivable Love Story By B.L. Berry Review


↑ That cover is so gorgeous!!! ↑

5 Stars!!

*I received an ARC from the author B.L. Berry in exchange for an honest review*

Thank you so much Ms. Berry for sending me a copy of your book!I’m honored and I absolutely loved it! 🙂 ♥

Oh my gosh, what did I just read?! This book wasn’t was I expecting at all. I’m stinking speechless and simply said Ms. Berry is a genius. When I first picked this book up I thought I knew what exactly was going on but I was sorely mistaken. This book threw me for a loop in a great way. I was worried, shocked, happy, and angry while reading pretty much all at the same time. This one is full of surprises. It will open your eyes to life’s reality and how even somewhat perfect things aren’t always perfect.

I was really intrigued with how this story showed the progress of love all the high’s and low’s as well as the unexpected curve-balls. One of the main things I learned was because something happened to you in your past don’t be afraid to trust and fall in love with someone. We all find what we deserve one day, it just takes time and a determined attitude.

Elyse Kenner was a character that made me feel as if she was a kindred spirit. She worked her butt off and took her job seriously. She was a bit closed off at first in my opinion and as the story went on she became more open. She strived to be the best and when she fell in love she was in it 100% not halfway. The challenges she faced were hard to stomach and she showed true strength. Also, I LOVE her name! It is so unique.

Simon St. John was character that had me swooning a lot but I just couldn’t like him. Many things he said had my heart leaping out of my chest. He shocked me many times. Olivia was such a hilarious character and she had me in tears. She didn’t take crap from anyone and told it like it is. I loved her friendship with Elyse. Alex was a sweetheart.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a love story that’s different and eyebrow raising. I already bought myself an E-book copy and plan on getting a physical copy soon too! I adored this story and the way it messed with my mind and heart. Go and one-click it today! 5 stars all around!! 🙂

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